Ariosa Diagnostics Expands Harmony Prenatal Test to Twin Pregnancies and Launches New X,Y Analysis Test

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San Jose, Calif., May 20, 2013 – Ariosa Diagnostics, maker of the non-invasive Harmony™
Prenatal Test for risk assessment of Down syndrome and other chromosome conditions, has
announced today the expanded indication for testing of twin pregnancies naturally conceived or
conceived using the patient’s own egg.

In addition, Ariosa will be offering fetal X,Y analysis as an option to those women electing to
have the Harmony test. This new test allows for the evaluation of fetal sex and sex chromosome
genetic conditions such as Turner syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome. Sex chromosome
conditions can be associated with various medical issues, but can also be found in individuals
with no apparent clinical effect.

“Our goal at Ariosa has always been to improve patient care for expectant mothers and this new
offering further expands upon the options we have added to the Harmony test since the
beginning of the year,” said Ken Song, MD, CEO of Ariosa. “It is important that healthcare
providers and patients be sufficiently educated on the benefits and limitations of NIPT. In the
case of assessing risk for fetal sex chromosomal conditions, proper counseling is essential prior
to testing, as only a subset of women are likely to truly benefit from such testing.”

Earlier this year, Ariosa began offering the Harmony with Y-chromosome analysis test option
and announced the expansion of the Harmony test to allow for both self and non-self IVF
pregnancies. The Harmony test assesses risk of Down syndrome with greater than 99%
accuracy and also provides information on other trisomy conditions.