Ariosa Diagnostics Enters 2013 with New Offering and Global Expansion

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San Jose, Calif., Jan. 9, 2013 – Ariosa Diagnostics, provider of the Harmony™ Prenatal Test,
today announced plans to expand the indications for the Harmony test and broaden access into
new, significant global markets.

The Harmony test analyzes cell-free DNA circulating in maternal blood, which allows a high
level of accuracy for detecting fetal trisomies, such as trisomy 21 that causes Down syndrome.
Ariosa is expanding the clinical indications for the Harmony test to include all IVF singleton
pregnancies, including unrelated egg donor and surrogate pregnancies.

The expanded Harmony test for IVF pregnancies will be available in the United States, as well
as in several international markets. In 2012, Ariosa entered the European market as the first
non-invasive prenatal test in the United Kingdom. Ariosa is now expanding throughout Europe,
the Middle East, Australia, and Latin America.

“We are focused on identifying those test enhancements which can provide clear clinical utility,”
said Ariosa CEO Ken Song, MD. “The Harmony test represents a major clinical advance to
provide reliable and accurate information to pregnant women, and we are committed to making
this test available globally.”