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Resources and Advocacy Groups for Pregnant Women
Brighter Tomorrows
Mission: to support families with accurate information about Down Syndrome.
Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society
Mission: to help individuals with chromosome 18 abnormalities overcome the obstacles they face so they might lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.
Down Syndrome Pregnancy, Inc.
Mission: to provide information and support to expectant parents preparing for the birth of a baby with Down syndrome.
Focus Foundation
Mission: The Focus Foundation is dedicated to helping children and families affected by X & Y Variations, Dyslexia, and/or Developmental Dyspraxia. The Focus Foundation believes that through increased awareness, early identification and syndrome-specific treatment, children with these conditions can reach their full potential.
International Down Syndrome Coalition
Mission: to serve individuals with Down syndrome from conception throughout their lives.
International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association
Mission: to support any family or individual whose life has been affected by mosaic Down syndrome by continuously pursuing research opportunities and increasing awareness in the medical, educational, and public communities throughout the world.
Mission: Provide medical professionals and their patients with up-to-date, balanced information about Down syndrome when they are receiving a prenatal diagnosis.
Madison's Foundation
Mission: to improve the quality and quantity of information available to parents of children with rare, life-threatening diseases, and to facilitate effective communication among parents, physicians, and medical experts.
March of Dimes
Mission: to help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies.
National Association for Down Syndrome
Mission: to ensure that all persons with Down syndrome have the opportunity to achieve their potential in all aspects of community life. We offer information, support, and advocacy.
National Down Syndrome Adoption Network
Mission: to support for families who are considering an adoption plan for their child and for families who would like to adopt a child with Down syndrome.
National Down Syndrome Congress
Mission: to provide information, advocacy, and support concerning all aspects of life for individuals with Down syndrome.
National Down Syndrome Society
Mission: to be the national advocate for the value, acceptance, and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.
National Organization for Rare Disorders
Mission: to help people with rare "orphan" diseases and assist the organizations that serve them; committed to the identification, treatment, and cure of rare disorders through programs of education, advocacy, research, and service.
SOFT (Support for Trisomy 13/18)
Mission: to provide support and understanding to families involved in the issues and decisions surrounding the diagnosis and care in trisomies 18 and 13 and related chromosomal disorders.
Special Angels Adoption
Mission: to help adoption agencies or families who wish to place a special needs baby or toddler for adoption, find experienced and loving adoptive families.
Trisomy 18 Foundation
Mission: to encourage the search for treatments and prevention of trisomy 18, to educate and support medical professionals, and to create a caring worldwide community for affected families.